(in no particular order so if you are on the list, don't be offended by position. If youthink I forgot you, it is because you are too special to be on the public list.)

Toyota, Japan
Dentsu Advertising

Tack Nakamura - Creative Director
Kirin, Japan
Daiko Advertiing

Shinichiro Matsushita - Creative Director
Hiroshi Nagasawa - Creative Director
Edwin Jeans, USA
Laura Jones - Designer
Beecham Inc
Campaign Palace
Rick Page - Creative Director
Total Digital
Hillard Fitke
Universial Ingilis
Various Bishops - Client
Rojam Productions

Butch Nagata - Exec-Producer
Downtown Reel Productions
Geoff Murray - Exec-Producer
Wearever Clothing
Marcia Salzberg - Designer
Lexicon Marketing
Lori Seyer - Creative Director
Jorge Aspiarzu - Creative Director
McKenzie & Associates Consulting
Micheal Moore - Director of Communications
Crawford Productions
Sir Hector Crawford - Exec Prodcuer
Universial Theme Parks
20th Century Fox Publicity
Cliff Hauser Advertising
Cliff Hauser - Owner/Creative Director
Fox Latin America

Susana Lagudis - Creative Director
Hispanic Entertainment Specialists - EPK's
Lius Buroncular - President
Hispanic Solutions
Playboy, Australia
Victorian Education Department
Technical & Further Education Board
Fleet Magazine

Australian Women's Daily
Laurel Ent.
J Randolph Marshall Advertising
Randy Marshall - Creative Director
Gayana Fashions
Sapman Sportswear Inc
Stark Fashions
Comfort Zone
Innsbruck Furriers

Natasha Zucker - Creative Director
Trent Nathan
Trent Nathan - Designer
McKay, Wells Advertising
Rob McKay - Creative Director

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