"a remarkably sure touch...
          ...a director of enormous potential."

     -George Miller, director Mad Max & Witches of Eastwick

"a gripping, psychological portrait"

     -Hollywood Reporter reviewing Face of the Enemy

Philip Alderton

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From his graduation film Hooker & Son drawing plaudits from international director/producer George Miller (Witches of Eastwich, Babe, Mad Max) to producing commercials that have garnered prestigious awards and on into screenwriting and directing, Philip Alderton has steadily increased his reputation as a film maker.  Since moving to America in 1987 he has had TWO of his screenplays produced, optioned ELEVEN of his projects to Producers such as DAVID PERMUT (Dragnet & Face/Off) and LAUREN WEISSMAN (Love You To Death) and had TEN assignments. 

Philip graduated Swinburne Film School in 1982 and worked as the IN-HOUSE PRODUCER for the John Street Studios. John Street is considered Australia's premiere advertising photographer and was venturing into commercials. During this period award winning Director Peter Tammer enlisted Philip to produce Journey Into Fear winning BEST DOCUMENTARY at the Melbourne International Film Festival. To strengthen his drama background Philip worked as an ASSISTANT DIRECTOR on the series Special Squad (Crawfords/ Paramount TV) and on several features. He produced or directed 15 short films and line produced two feature length films while in Australia.

Philip was then IN-HOUSE DIRECTOR for PUB productions making commercials and Industrial Films before going out on his own to write, make experimental shorts and move into photography. Arriving in America Philip concentrated on writing, gaining his numerous commissions etc. TWO of his feature screenplays, Face Of The Enemy and The Expendables have been produced. He has also ghost written on other produced films. He also stayed with the photography, starting a fashion catalog production company whose clients include Edwin Jeans, one of the biggest jeans manufacturing companies in the world. 

The successful syndicated TV series MONSTERS brought Philip back to directing.

Along the way Philip has been a production consultant for I.R.C. and Bear Feet Productions as well as various film investors advising them on scripts and budgets.  He consults on a daily religious TV show for the Latino market. He recently produced a feature film called Wish, is working on another to be filmed later this year.